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Mythik Imagination #1
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Mythik Imagination #1, is an Ebook collection of three sci-fi short stories by Jon Mac.
"Mythik" tales are sci-fi and fantasy stories in the spirit of the old pulp magazines of the 30s and 40s, but with a modern twist. So sit back, relax, and enjoy some astounding tales beyond belief:
A new inmate discovers an incredible secret in an ancient prison. But something about this prisoner is different. Find out what happens to those who see with "Yesterday's Eyes."
What would you do if you woke up in an unknown city and encountered a mysterious stranger who claimed to hold the key to your existence? See what it is like to face "The Figment of Doom."
A zombie, a ghost, and a phantom are on board the midnight flight of a B-17 bomber as it streaks over World War II France. But things are seldom what they seem when you are dealing with the "Ghosts of the Future."

About 15,000 words (about 50-60 pages)

Coming soon:

Mythik Imagination #2: Special Weird West Edition - Three new short stories of the Mythik Weird West!
Mythik Imagination #3: Strange Sea Stories - Three new short stories of Pirates, UFOs and high strangeness on the high seas!

The Human Ate My Pumpkin!
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It wasn't just any other night in the unlife of Ned The Undead, it was Halloween! But the world had changed a lot lately, and nothing seemed to turn out the way he expected. Find out why Zombies are people too in "The Human Ate My Pumpkin!"
I'd also like to have a Readers' Corner in upcoming Mythik editions, kind of like the old pulps used to have, where readers can write about what they liked, didn't like (gasp!) and what they'd like to see, or whatever. That would be pretty cool. So please, read the stories, then feel free to write to the Mythik Imagination Readers' Corner at: Or you can just leave a comment below and maybe see your letter in the next issue!
In addition to the Mythik Imagination series of pulp sci-fi/fantasy short story collections, I'm currently working on a Mythik Weird West novel and a new kind of Sword & Sorcery fantasy novel.

Here is what's in the 'ole Mythik pipeline:
  • Mythik Imagination #2: "Special Weird West Edition"
  • Mythik Imagination #3: "Strange Sea Stories"
  • Mythik Imagination #4: "Three new sci-fi/fantasy stories"
  • Mythik Imagination #5: "Tales From The Laboratory of Dr. Kilgore"
  • 10 Guns Against The West - A novel of the Mythik Weird West (crossover from a story in MI#2)
  • The Land of Lor Sword & Sorcery Novel - (crossover from stories in MI#3 & #4)
  • Podiobooks of the stories from MI#1.
  • And finally, a print and web comic of an as yet undetermined story.
Thanks for reading!

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