Friday, June 17, 2011

The Great Indy Summer Read Giveaway

Guess what? It's time for The Great Indy Summer Read Giveaway!! Katja at is hosting this cool event where you could get some free books.

Of course, one of those books just happens to be of the Mythik variety ;)

You can also check out the books at Goodreads.

There will be a LOT of winners, which will be chosen randomly. Find out how you can increase your chances of winning by reading the instructions page.

1st winner will receive 10 different books

2nd & 3rd winners will receive 5 different books
4th & 5th winners will receive 3 different books
6th – 10th winners will receive 2 different books

So have fun and good luck!


  1. Free books is the best gift. Can't ever have too many :)

    The Flying Wombat is one freaky looking vehicle. Seriously, its dark, has a Gothic feel to it. Somehow I can't see my parents riding in it, no matter how cool the "futuristic features" were.

    Have a good weekend Jon.


  2. That's a lot of books. I already purchased yours. :D Hope you're enjoying the weekend. I am since they fixed my internet.

  3. Thanks Donna & M Pax!

    @Donna - yeah the Wombat does have a kind of Gothic, organic sinister look to it. Hope your weekend is good too!

    @M Pax - I hope you used the free coupon for the book! Glad you're back on line :)