Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Gold Rush Table Read

I've been working hard on the script of Gold Rush, which is why the poor ol' Mythik blog has been a bit neglected. But here's the latest: We had a table read on Saturday. Most of our main characters were able to attend, and it was awesome :)

A table read is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: the actors sit at a table and read the script out loud.

I had a very long Friday night working on the latest draft and had it ready just in the nick of time. It still needs a few revisions, but seems to be coming along nicely.

The actors did a tremendous job bringing the characters to life. With this cast, the movie should be really amazing. Not only are the actors really good at acting, they are a fun bunch of people, too.

Here are a few pics of the event:

Yes, it's okay to laugh in a horror movie!

I am sneaking out. The actors were awesome. Hearing the lines I wrote gives me (more) gray hairs. They deserve much more than Cherry Gatorade for getting through that monster script. The final shooting script will be much shorter. And better. Ha ha.

The "solemn old west" photo.

If you can't guess, I'm the goofy looking one. Cool T-shirt, eh?
 Well, I've been working all weekend and am very tired, so I'll post more later with proper names for our cool cast members and more info etc. Our shoot date is the end of June, which is rapidly approaching. We're going to be trying a lot of new and hopefully innovative techniques with this film. I think we're off to a good start so far :)

P.S. - Check out the Facebook Page for Gold Rush. The producers will soon be filling it up with all kinds of cool stuff. If you like, "Like" ;)

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