Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Golden Age of eBooks

Way back in the day, I remember reading somewhere about the Golden Age of Science Fiction, when people like Asimov and Bradbury and Clarke and Heinlein would all hang out at the same coffee shop and shoot the breeze as they worked on their stories of wonder and amazement.  I don’t know if that ever really happened, but I thought the idea was very cool:  A small little universe of fans and writers and publishers all together on the same page, so to speak, on a mission to change the world.  Then that universe expanded until everybody seemed so spread out that personal contact was mostly a thing of the past.

But today, we are in a new Golden Age.  Just like back then, the line between reader and writer is blurred.  And instead of a coffee shop, we have Twitter, Facebook and Blogs.  And everything is so instant.  A reader can post a review in no time at all, for all the world to see.  Writers post works in progress and can give day by day accounts of the ups and downs of their creative process.  You can buy a book instantly from anywhere and be reading in seconds.  Ideas flow back and forth.  You can see all sides of this wonderful endeavor, from the artistic angle to the business end of things and a lot more in between.  It is all a huge, transparent interactive world where the audience and the artists merge as genres overlap and create explosive new mixtures.

So, I think that is my hope for this little blog.  To have that kind of connection with the world.  It seems like a cool thing to me, and I look forward to this kind of future.

Thanks, be Mythik and stay tuned!

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