Monday, September 26, 2011

Spaceship Links

Well, my amateur rocket science obsession has just about run its course. Until the resulting stories are published, anyway ;) But for those of you who haven't been completely driven away by all the equations, here are some final cool links about the final frontier:
  • Basics of Space Flight - A complete tutorial from JPL. It starts at the beginning and walks you through every aspect of space travel.
  • The N Prize - That's right, launch your very own tiny satellite into space, and win a prize! (Please let me know if you actually succeed in doing this, cuz it seems waaaay cool.)
  • SpinCalc - A handy little program that lets you see how much artificial gravity you generate by spinning.
  • Orbit Diagrams - Courtesy of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, this cool site shows all kinds of interesting views of our little home solar system.
  • Mars Design Reference - From NASA, this has everything you ever wanted to know about a real-life trip to Mars.
  • Thruster Calculator - You can input your own numbers or let the computer do it for you (Try out the AM-Beam Torchship (which is powered by anti-matter,) put in a Mass Ratio of 4 and reach 23% of the speed of light!
Okay, that's that for that. Next up: The Weird West!


  1. Somehow I think there needs to be a Thruster Calculator iPhone app. Just 'cuz. ;)

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