I hate this part, but it comes with the territory, I guess. Here's the boilerplate version:

Jon Mac writes SF/Fantasy with a pulp spirit, something he calls "Mythik" fiction. He's picked raspberries, babysat Coyote pups, worked in a recycling plant, directed live TV newscasts, explored the wild west, and encoded HD video for Blu-Ray discs. He likes dancing and shopping. No, that's not really true. He's still waiting for flying cars and video wristwatches to become popular.

And, for those really interested, here are some more details:
  • I was born in Oregon.
  • I've lived in eight states and Guam.
  • Been writing since I was a wee lad.
  • Been reading even before that.
  • I've produced and directed local commercials for a TV station.
  • I've made short films and also write screenplays.
  • I encoded the video for the Blu-Ray release of Apocalypse Now, Pulp Fiction, Snatch, and Hunger Games.
  • I can't sing and don't play an instrument, but did create a "Mythikal" band and wrote all the lyrics for their albums.
  • I once invented a new type of rock climbing called "stupid." After I slid down a 30 foot cliff, I retired, and do not recommend it.
  • When I was 17, I forged my parents signature (don't worry, they already know -- I think) and raced my 1968 VW Bug in an Autocross event. I came in 1st place in my class. I was the only car in my class.
  • I've had a lot of wacky jobs, including Raspberry Picker, Tire Roller, Coyote Wrangler, and Janitor (you see a lot of wacky things as a Janitor, trust me.)
  • In college I went searching for bigfoot in the Blue Mountains of SE Washington state. I didn't find any signs of the big guy, and it got so cold I ended up sleeping in my '64 International Scout.
  • While sitting on a log, eating Spaghetti-O's in Alaska, I saw a Grizzly bear and two bear cubs. My camera, brought along for just such occasions, was in the Jeep. So a great photo opportunity was missed. On the bright side, I wasn't eaten by the bear.
  • I once ran out of gas and coasted 7 miles to the nearest gas station.
  • I have taken a picture of the sign at Area-51 that says "Do not take pictures" and "use of deadly force authorized if you take pictures." Okay, I exaggerated the last bit.
  • My favorite car at the moment is a 1970 Mustang Mach-1 with a 428 Cobra Jet.
  • My dog, Baxter, is a practical joker.
I suppose I need a better picture, but for now, here's the headshot I have:

I'm the one without all the hair.
Ok, you know enough!


  1. Funny..rock

    I've just finished reading Yesterday's Eyes and The Figment of Doom. prob read Ghosts of the Future later today.

    I enjoyed both of them. The most important thing to me in a short story is the ending, and for some reason most short stories fail to do this. I like to be rewarded for finishing the story with some kind of ending that satisfies me. I was beginning to think my stories were too "novel like"--as in having an ending.
    Are you working on a novel? Or do you have one out?

    Have a good one

  2. I'm glad you liked the stories, Anon. I am working on a novel, which should be ready later this year. It will be a new kind of Sword & Sorcery fantasy tale ;)