Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Mythik New Year

Happy New Year, everybody! The ol' Mythik Blog has been neglected for a while, but the Underwater Cave-dwelling Sea Monkeys who write this stuff are back to work and have their typewriters warmed up and ready to go.

November was very busy with NaNoWriMo, and although I didn't "win," I did get 45k or so words, which I considered a success and a very good start to the Land Of Lor novel. It is shaping up to be a very fun twist on classic, personal Sword & Sorcery combined with an overall Epic Fantasy feel. Although the main characters and plot lines have been in my head for many years, it has already taken a few unexpected turns resulting in several painted-in plot corners, ha ha. I was so busy writing, I didn't keep up with the planned blog updates. Oh well, it's a trade-off I'll accept :)

December was busy with lots of work at the day job and, of course, family and holiday time. I was able to do a test shoot of video for an upcoming Weird West Thriller.
Screen grab from video test shoot. T3i camera with 30 year old Kiron 28mm lens @ f2.

Another frame from the test movie. The six shooter is a rare Merwin & Hulbert, the "Cadillac of Revolvers," a now mostly forgotten competitor to the Colts, Smith & Wessons and Remingtons of the old west.
January will be busy too, since I'll be finishing up the long awaited Mythik Imagination #2 as well as working on Land of Lor and pre-production (and more tests) for the movie.

New Year's resolution is to not neglect the blog and to write more!

Thanks for reading and stay Mythik :)


  1. Awesome stuff, Jon! Those pics look great and I'm looking forward to more Mythik!

  2. Glad to see that you're back at the blog, and writing as well. :) Love the six-shooter. I've become rather interested in old guns since I started writing my Flash Gold stories. Now I watch Pawn Stars just to see what 1800s weapon comes into the shop next. :P

  3. Thanks, Nicholas & Lindsay! Ha ha, I keep a lookout for all the old west stuff, too.

  4. You've been really busy. The movie intrigues me. :)

    Looking forward to Mythik II. 45,000 words in a month is nothing to sneeze at. Good job. Hope we get to read that effort in the near future.

  5. Thanks, M Pax! I think we're all busy, which is good! I love your new covers :)

  6. I like the shots you took. I myself am interested in purchasing the Kiron 28mm F2. How did you get that lens to fit the t3i? What adapter did you use?

    This would be a lot help!

  7. Thanks, Diego. My version of the Kiron has a Pentax K mount, so it uses a Pentax K to Canon EOS adaptor. I got it on eBay for about 15 bucks. You can also get adapters for M42, Nikon, and Olympus OM mounts.